Lacy Unlimited


In the beginning...

Born and raised in New York City, art has always been a major part of my life. Not wanting to end a "starving artist" I began college as an architecture major. But after I fell in love with photography "that was all she wrote" as the saying goes. I graduated from Pratt Institute with a BFA. With honors! Since then I have photographed everything from bands to brick walls. In the mid-90s I met and photographed a woman who happened to be a huge fan of the one and only "Queen of Curves", Bettie Page. I had never done retro pinup work before but couldn't help but to get hooked. At the time the time there was a renewed interst in pinup, swing dancing, and all things fifties. That caused me to take my new found subject more seriously. So I began doing more research on the models and photographers of the era as well as collecting vintage lingerie and props from thrift stores. This was long before Ebay! Slowly I began finding more and more models interested in being transformed into vivacious vixens of yesteryear. After a while I had enough images to put together a small website. Once that was up I began hearing from pinup fans all over the world. It seems I'm not the only one out here who likes this stuff. Over the years I've made the website bigger and better. Who knows what exciting ventures the future will bring?

20 years in the making!

Now you can enjoy 160 pages of vintage vixens in this splendid coffee table book of mine from Schiffer Publishing. Don't just squint at my work on a computer monitor or smart phone. Fully enjoy the incredible details of my photographs in this 9x12 expertly printed volume. Order yours today from Amazon and feast your eyes. Glamourize Your Coffee Table!

More Than Meets The Eye

You probably think that all I do is take pictures of lovely ladies in nifty nylons, heels and hose, gorgeous girdles, and beautiful bullet bras. Don't I wish! Over the years I have captured images of a wide variety of subjects. Pinup, Fashion, Portraiture, Musicians, Food, Products, Fetish, and more. Take a look at my online portfolio and see some other types of images that I have captured over the years.