The world's SEXIEST digital pinup mag!

That's right folks. A real retro style "girlie" magazine of my own making is now here for you to enjoy! I've combined my design and photographic skills (not to mention my unique sense of humor) to create the kind of men's magazine that lovers of pinup, nylons, high heels, vintage lingerie, Bettie Page, Irving Klaw, and Elmer Batters will really enjoy. There are pictorials, a few articles, music and movie reviews, cartoons, vintage ads and more! And it's in PDF format so you can download and view it right on your computer or tablet! The Price? Just $7 each. Less than the cost of two drinks from some overpriced coffee place. So get yours today!

You will receive a PDF file of the magazine emailed to you directly from me. If you don't receive it within 12 hours please contact me. And my coffee table book, RETRO GLAMOUR, is now available on Amazon!

Click on covers to see a preview of each issue